2 Week Diet & Exercise Plan

2 Week Diet

When a person is trying to lose weight, they want a diet plan that is quick and effective. The 2-week diet plan will allow a person to lose 7 pounds or more. This diet plan has a daily schedule that needs to be followed. This 2-week plan is a great way to lose weight quickly. This diet is safe and healthy to follow.

Day 1
During this day only, low sugar fruit is allowed. Some possible choices include apples and citrus. Bananas are forbidden.

Day 2
During this day the only thing that should be consumed is vegetables. For breakfast have a boiled potato and plenty of salad as the day goes on.

Day 3
Fruits and vegetables can be eaten on this day. Do not eat a potato or a banana as they are high in starch and carbs.

Day 4
To continue the weight loss, eat 8 bananas on this day. Some non-starchy vegetables can be used to make a soup. A person can eat as much of this soup as they want. They should also drink 3 glasses of milk to make sure the body is getting enough calcium.

Day 5
On this day eat 6 tomatoes and some boiled rice. The rice should not have any added sauce or butter. Vegetable soup, apples, and oranges are also allowed on this day.

Day 6
A small service or rice is allowed as well as 3 servings of vegetable soup.

Day 7
This is the last day of the diet and by now a person has lost some weight. A small serving of rice, vegetable soup, and a salad is allowed.

After day 7 a person will continue the diet in the same rotation for the next week. While on this diet it is important to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. While this diet is restrictive a person will be able to lose a lot of weight in two weeks.

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