2 Week Diet & Exercise Plan

Organising your recipe for two weeks meal plan

Healthy eating is everyone’s goal to lose weight, attain flexibility, and maintain or have a beach body. Most people know what they want to achieve but most of them have limited knowledge on this process and other know the recipes but often abort them because they are not appetizing. Today there are so many diet plans available but the most common one includes; low-carb, protein diet, vegan, vegetarian, 5;2 program, a ketogenic diet consists, and clean-eat plan. Factors you should consider before taking any diet plans;

Does it include foods that you will enjoy eating?

Is it including foods of the main groups like vegetables, fruits, grains, low-fat or Lean-protein sources?

Are the foods readily available from the local grocery store?

Does it fit your budget and lifestyle?

How about the regular physical activity?

Is it part of the plan?

Are the amounts of nutrients and calories aid losing weight effectively?

For a two weeks dieting, you can choose a plan of your choice, if you have no idea to visit a dietician to help you decide on what may favor your needs. This article provides a 2-week clean- meal plan guide; it includes a list of recipes on what you can make part of your breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon and dinner. Clean eating involves taking of foods like whole grains, natural fats, plenty of veggies and fruits and lean protein while reducing or excluding intake of processed/refined carbs, added sugar, alcohol and hydrogenated fats.BreakfastAvocado-egg toast one cup nonfat Greek yogurt and ¼ cup each of blueberries and muesli.

Jason Mraz’s avocado green smoothie (2 cups)Peanut butter-banana cinnamon toastOne and a three-quatre cup of muesli with raspberriesCook ½ cup rolled oats in a cup of milk and a medium chopped plum. Scrambled eggs with vegetables.Mid-morning at least five dried apricotsOne clementine Two tablespoon hummus and half cucumber slicesHalf cup unsalted dry-roasted pistachiosEight dried apricotsOne medium carrot stick and two tablespoons hummusLunch¾ cup of veggies, 2 cups of mixed greens and half Balsamic-Dijon chicken breast4 cups of white bean and vegetable saladVeggie and hummus sandwichAvocado egg salad sandwich to ¼ cucumbers, tomato and white bean salad with basil vinaigrette and a slice sprouted-grain bread, toasted, topped with one tablespoon hummus. Chicken and apple kale wrapsAfternoonTwo clementines Five dried apricots Medium appleOne plum Five or six walnuts halved a boiled egg, seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper quarter unsalted dry-roasted pistachios Dinner

No-cook black bean salad? (2 cups) and 2 ½ Mexican cabbage soup. A half cup of brown rice and 13/4 squash and red lentil curry Greek kale salad with quinoa and chicken for, peanut-tofu cabbage wrapsOne cup tangerine and roasted beet salad with feta and pistachios, a balsamic-dijon chicken, a sliced sprouted-grain bread, toasted then drizzle it with a half teaspoon olive oil. Stuffed peppers with two cups mixed greens, use two tsp each vinegar and olive oil. Roast pork, asparagus, and cherry tomato bowled poached cod and green beans with pesto with half cup brown rice tossed with olive oil (1tsp), seasoned with a pinch of pepper and salt sheet-pan chicken and Brussels sprouts with 1 ½ mixed greens dressed with 2tsp of balsamic vinegar and the same amount of olive oil. Seared pork chop cooked in ½ tablespoon olive oil seasoned with a punch of pepper, salt and garlic powder and roasted cabbage with mustard-chive vinaigrette. Salmon and asparagus with lemon-garlic butter sauce and basic quinoa. Serve spaghetti squash and meatballs one fish with coconut-shallot sauce, half cup basic quinoa, mixed greens (2 cups) drizzled with a half tablespoon of olive oil and vinegar.

Evening snackBroiled mangoKiwi and mango (3/4) cup with fresh lime zest
Make your recipe using the above set of ingredients for a clean eating plan.

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